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Artise Bio & Statement

Artist Bio

A current practicing artist as well as art educator, Liu Chenchen grew up in a family of artists and currently pursuing her Diploma in Fine Art at Nanyang Academic of Fine Arts.  Her painting revolves around Expressionism, Realism, mixing together and create a new style of Abstractionism. Chenchen believes inspirations of great art comes from real life experiences and she would never stops to explore the nature of life and reality. 

Artist Statement

Liu Chenchen:

  “I like it when a place has been around long enough that there is a kind of tension between the way it was originally designed to look and the way it looks now, as well as a tension between the way it looks to whoever is caring for it and the way it looks to me. Trouble is, the kinds of places I find most appealing keep getting closed or torn down.


  What do I want to say with my art?


  Celebrate the human, the marks people make on the world. Treasure the local, the small-scale, the eccentric, the ordinary: whatever is made out of caring. Respect what people have built for themselves. Find the beauty in some battered old porch or cluttered, human-scale storefront, while it still stands.”



162 East Coast Road 


Tel: 92200060

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